The skin of a sex doll is similar to a real person

urdolls 05/17/2019

The development of sex doll robots has been in development for many years. From its development process, it is undoubtedly going in the direction of more and more simulation, to simulate people's emotions, minds, and people close to the real. However, this working principle is always aimed at enhancing the experience.

It can trigger an actual physical response through the brain, or give people a complete sexual sensation in the brain. This sexual experience is safe, without the risk of sexual confusion and sexually transmitted diseases. Through this technology, humans can improve their sexuality. However, there are also many voices against the existence of sex doll robots. Where are you against or support?

An aircraft engineer in Germany recently developed a robotic called "Anti". According to the inventor, the body of the Antie machine is made of silicone, and the skin feels like a real person. What's even more amazing is that the Antie doll not only has heartbeat, breathing and body temperature, but also can accelerate the heartbeat and breathing with the intense movement, and the body temperature rises, feeling like a real person. .

He understands that his plan will make some people frown and cause other people's concerns. But when asked about these "hybrids", even if the robot with independent intelligence indicates the end of humanity, he quickly replied that there is no need to worry about such risks.

However, he believes that robots will eventually take over the earth in the distant future, and humans at that time will not even get a little attention. Most people don't care about the disappearance of dinosaurs, Santos added. "After another 60 million years, no matter what exists on Earth, they don't care about our existence. Who knows what happens after humans?"

“Using the brain I have developed, I will use a genome to program it so that he/she can have ethical values, as well as beauty, justice, and other concepts of value that humans have,” he said. “Next, use this robot. It is very simple to create a child.

I will develop the algorithm based on my own perception of these concepts, and then combine it with the idea of ‘her’ and print it out in 3D. That's it. The robot that is printed in 3D is the child of me and the robot... I don't think there is anything complicated. In addition, Ante dolls also installed a remote control motor on the buttocks, and with a button, it can twist and hip like a real person.

The Andy doll is priced at 4,000 euros. Moreover, local modifications such as increasing the size of the chest can be made according to requirements. The inventor of the sex doll said that he will continue to improve the sex doll until it is exactly the same as the real person.

In the family lab in Barcelona, Santos said: "People may think of sex dolls as a very weird thing, but what they don't know is that these robots will take their jobs and marry their children, Grandchildren and friends. They have to remember that just a few years ago, mobile phones were considered non-essential items in society, and now we can't work without mobile phones."