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Sex doll robot control platform is about to be born

urdolls 05/16/2019

You should never forget the necessary hygiene habits of a sexual doll. On the one hand, of course you can take off her wig and clean it very comfortably. Many models have a soft chest and can be kneaded well when making love. The vaginal opening is soft and firm and can stimulate a man's experience.

According to the British Daily Mail, according to a pioneer in the sex doll industry, with the decline in female sex robot sales last year, male sex robots designed with bionic penis will go on sale this year. People avoid talking about it. This seems to be a shameful thing, and people often seldom mention it. But through the sex doll lovers work together to promote the development of sex dolls. This pioneer is the founder of the sex doll company. He is also the developer of artificial intelligence applications.

This artificial intelligence app can be synchronized with a machine brain system. He told the Daily News: "We are developing a male version of the smart sex doll robot. In the end we will create a robotic control platform for male and female dolls." He previously claimed that he plans to create a possession. A male sex doll with a bionic penis, the consumer can operate according to his own needs.

This does not prevent quite a few people from loving it because it can solve many problems, especially physiological needs. He declared: "Male sex dolls will be designed in a variety of sizes and sizes. System reconstruction is required before creating a male sex doll platform. We are working hard to conduct research, which will be the next big event we expect to happen."

The world's leading doctor of artificial intelligence research told the Daily News that male sex dolls would be more popular than sex toys such as vibrators and fake penis. These advantages of silicone dolls have earned her a good reputation and quickly conquered consumers. However, it has its own limitations and is too costly. Since the high quality silicone itself is expensive and considering the complexity of the manufacturing process, the price of each silicone doll is very high.

Most people in the general population are very stressed about the daily process of the exhibition, so there is a good choice here. Sex dolls are suitable for men, women, and even transgender people. Realistic sex dolls. Sports dolls These are the best sex dolls that money can buy. They are usually hand-made and have all the logos of a high quality craft. Thanks to the three ribbing and texture love holes of these dolls, you can provide a realistic penetration experience and give yourself a testosterone impulse.

Even now that the technology is relatively mature, the price of silicone dolls on the market is basically between $5,000 and $10,000. The high price has delayed many doll lovers, and the market urgently needs some good quality but cheap sex dolls. This app allows users to match an artificial intelligence character with a robotic brain system to create the most realistic doll. The console allows robot dolls to speak, learn and meet the sexual needs of consumers.

There is currently only one female version of character set and robot, which sells for around £11,000, but believes that there is also a demand for the male version. He said: "I can be sure that women will find that robots will be as attractive as real men. If women are satisfied with the joy of vibrators, you can imagine that when robots hold them and give them a sense of oppression, they will How do you feel?"

After carefully creating a female robot with the characteristics of a chest and an actress, he carefully observed the female performance. But the CEO claimed that he felt that he was not just creating sex dolls, he called them companions.