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Can small-sized dolls reduce sexual crimes?

Tab Conan
May 15, 2019 19:33

In recent years, we have begun to see reports that are attracted to children but choose not to actually harm them. In my opinion, small sex doll are legal. I think they will make a big difference in sexual assault on children. In general, I think they may slightly reduce sexual crimes against children, although in some people they may increase the risk of crime. The sex doll is a piece of silica gel. This is not a real person. Real children are not harmed by this behavior. That part is fine. How pedophiles view the views of society on them may have an indirect effect. Prohibition of dolls can make pedophiles feel that the reason for prohibiting sexual relations with children is just the instinct of non-pedophiles. If such dolls are allowed to make appropriate public comments, it may reduce this way of thinking, which may affect sexual assault against children, rather than the effects of dolls as an alternative release.