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What do feminists think about lifelike sex dolls?

Tab Conan
May 15, 2019 19:04

People often make such assertions that women are expected to tremble in our boots and beg them to come back. Every once in a while, a man or a group of men will be full of praise for lifelike sex dolls and sex robots, and will be full of praise for men’s enthusiasm for women, because they have got everything they need from inanimate objects.  In fact, in many of these cases, I think that life-like sex doll are the type of partner that such men need, so they don't want to be a real person with tragic feelings. Although both sides talk about the misogyny that may exist in sex dolls, I don't care about them at all. In fact, if you can't handle a date with someone you need, then a sex doll is perfect for you.