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Should I allow my husband to buy sex dolls?

Alan Ted
Apr 17, 2019 14:01

If it is me, I will not refuse to buy sex doll. Because I know this is his freedom, they have the right to buy anything they like. I have no power to interfere with his hobbies. But I may personally help him choose high quality sex dolls online. Because love needs to be built on mutual understanding and tolerance. So we had a great time. The truth is that when he loves you passionately, he wants to forget everything. However, when you are not around, this is different. Dolls can satisfy all their sexual desires.

Don Webb
Aug 5, 2019 19:13

One might think that masturbation is completely harmless and completely normal for any male or female, and the traditional method is the most common method. So, let your sex dolls be used with traditional techniques to enjoy this feeling.