How to avoid sex dolls being dyed?

urdolls 05/24/2019

The dyeing situation of the doll belongs to the physical diffusion process of the color particles. Pay attention to the key points mentioned below, and try to avoid the appearance of dyeing:

1. Try to wear old clothes for the dolls;
2, try to buy new clothes with good quality, don't wear very cheap clothes for dolls, they are often of poor quality;
3. If there is no old clothes, and the economic situation does not allow you to buy too expensive clothes, then the newly bought clothes should be washed 5~8 times with the washing liquid first. If the water that is bubbled out has no obvious color, then you can consider giving The doll is replaced.
4, clothes should not be suppressed by the weight of the doll itself, pay attention to this when posing.
5. If the clothes with dyeing danger are taken, they will be replaced immediately, reducing the contact time.
6, you can consider wearing TPE sex doll to wear body socks, to isolate the outside clothing. Or put a light cloth or paper towel on the place where the clothes are under pressure. For example, most of the dark pajamas have a shrink band on the bust, where the pressure is much higher than other places, and it is especially easy to dye. At this time, you can put a white handkerchief or paper towel inside.

When you sleep with your baby, please pay attention to your own sheets, quilt cover, pajamas are easy to dye, all are light or very old, no problem.

Another aspect of the fantasy I want to cover is the appearance of a sex doll. I believe that you love your partner very much and there is no doubt here. We are not talking about another person, so the material that comes into contact with the skin should not cause any allergies or uneasiness. There are different types of sex dolls depending on the materials used. If possible, you want to make sure you get the TPE. This makes the finished product softer and easier to touch.

Most adult sex dolls are now based on silicone or TPE dolls. But these two materials are easy to dye. Maybe one day, when you sleep with a doll, you find that you are very badly dyed, the next morning. Whether it's the clothes you wear for your dolls or the clothes you wear, it's very possible to get on the body surface of a doll.

Sometimes, some well-made clothes will wipe your doll, and in most cases, this will happen on black clothes. If this is the case, don't panic or try to scrub the area. As a result, this may cause small tears and worsen the problem. You may also damage the outer layer of the TPE.

In addition, the doll oil is an irreversible physical process. In addition to the relationship with the doll material formula, the temperature at which the doll is stored is a key factor. Too high or too low temperature will accelerate the process of the doll's oil. The simple way to deal with the doll is to powder the doll in advance. First, it is good for the hand. Second, it is convenient for wearing clothes. The third is that when the baby comes out of oil, the oil will be neutralized by the talcum powder.