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Act Like Someone Who Knows About TPE Sex Doll



I'm not going to start a food fight here. I would never try to think of myself as someone who understands TPE sex dolls and social mores. These are all prejudices against us. My friends and neighbors knew who I was the first time they met me and how I acted. I would never share my doll hobby with them. It's unfair to them because they've formed their opinion of me based on face value, and I've proven how good my neighbors or friends are, that's all. My sex dolls will shock them into disbelief. It's human nature. I don't do anything wrong to them. I just shut up.

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Hide the TPE sex doll for my own enjoyment and keep that part of my life. I would never be ashamed, and I think it makes perfect sense. But sports, very good, very good price. Cost savings in her skeleton, this design can significantly reduce the number of hinges, but it is effective. Soft - wonderful - yes - I would like to buy one - but this particular doll is at fun/price points. Exercise - yes, she makes me feel totally rejuvenated. It was so wonderful and memorable that maybe I didn't need this kind of sex for a while - after all it was the best sex for decades so I waited long enough - sometimes I would get another doll like this more. A sex doll keeps blinking in my direction, while the unique doll is sweet. And I've always wanted one.

2019-09-04 02:48:43

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