This Article Seems to Favor The Less Realistic TPE Sex Doll



I'm not at least defending negative comments about sex dolls. But how do you feel about that? Respect it. There are a lot of real jerks out there. Worry gets the scum on your nerves. Personally, I find the comment section of a news site (or any article) to be a source of hilarity. How many times have you seen a story considered "feel good" on any news site, and in the comments section, you get comments that turn the conversation into what they want. While I'm not crazy about some of the people in this article, I personally give credit for what they did, because there's no way to take it back. I don't think you're the subject at all. I agree with what you said. Unfortunately, this article seems to favor the less realistic dolls. Although it might just be something that's available on sex toys. As you say, it seems to focus on sex rather than beauty.

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Having said that, I still think it's important for us to better represent our community. Although TPE sex doll should also be completely voluntary. And I give priority to those who are well prepared for those who need it. I know we really can't look forward to celebrating, but I hope to be able to add more tolerance and even acceptance over time. Hell, people ask, "why didn't we think of this sooner?" Too bad for us. We are all dead or too old. In 50 years we may have fully capable sex doll robots.

2019-09-04 03:00:23

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