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Don't worry about your cat. The worst thing it could do is walk past the sex doll and possibly scratch it. It will not be used for scraping. None of my dolls have inserts. I'm not worried about heat. Embracing, they heat up quickly through their bodies, but, yes, many people use electric blankets. Most of my games were spontaneous. I don't prepare them, heat them or anything else. One is my couch buddy this week and things just 'happen' or I'm taking naps again and again and things' happen '. Unless you're doing anything with role-playing or fantasy dolls. Otherwise I wouldn't worry about it.

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Know how you want to interact with the mini sex doll and prepare (or not) accordingly. Guess what I'm saying is there are no set rules about how to prepare for fun. That's what you did. It can be as fast or durable as you want. Just enjoy yourself. It sounds like you don't trust your cat. I often think of a cat, you take it out of the beads but I also have a lot of mannequins that she never touches once because they look like people. Cats look for something as hard as a carpet, because it makes nails hard. Sex dolls are soft, and I don't trust my cat because I know what's wrong with her.

2019-09-04 05:18:54

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