Don't Let Rude People Disappoint You with TPE Sex Doll



This story is nothing new. Although more attention is paid to the TPE doll boss. The photos are very good, the story is thin but realistic. The controversial part is the comments section (not surprisingly). There are basically two types, liberals and haters. There aren't too many kissing dolls. Members of our community should grasp and support facts and realities. Don't let superstition and ignorance guide the conversation. After reading this article, I started reading some sex doll reviews and had to stop.

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For anyone who owns a TPE sex doll for personal reasons. Don't let a few rude people bring you down. Sometimes I forget how ignorant and cruel people are, especially when they speak without responsibility. My only hope is that for every rude ignorant person there are ten good ones that we don't see or hear because they are covered up by rude people. Don't respond to them. Don't even bother reading their posts. In one of my early posts on this subject type, after complaining that one of our members wanted to conduct a "shocking" interview with a media company, I can only say, I told you so. Why is everyone surprised, shocked or offended by negative comments from the public? Sucking on a man/girl because that's what we can or should expect (because I like to call it) to be "unaware." I choose to keep my sex toys private. And always feel the need to think that way.

2019-09-04 02:20:54

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