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Some Lubricants Can Damage Mini Sex Doll



Because sex toys can't get pregnant or get sexually transmitted diseases. And provide condoms that are in good condition and we can wash them with antibacterial soap/gel. They last another day. Condoms can be reused no problem, even if I try, I haven't broken one of them yet. Note: for person-to-person use, the instructions say use condoms only once and throw them away. I wasn't impressed the first time I used a condom, but it didn't matter. My mistake was to use the inner ring, the outer side of the condom had lubricant, and the inner side of the condom didn't have enough lubricant. It is also a mistake to realize that the inner ring is useless/meaningless and lubricate the outside. Make the condom slide/move too much inside the sex doll.

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Because it's not sure what type of lubricant they put on these condoms. And know that certain types of lubricants can damage mini sex doll. Add more water-based lubricant to the inside, and the time and/or experience of using a condom a second time is very enjoyable. In fact, I think it feels natural, especially once warm. Only once did I make a mistake. In the heat of the moment. Slide between the side of the condom and the vagina of the sex doll. She gave me a pat on the hip, and I promised to be more careful. Condoms have been a factor in the failure of birth control pills in real life. One more thing you need to make sure: make sure the original lubricant is washed off before you use it on the toy. Sex toys, in particular, would do well to remove this unknown lubricant. And re-lubricate the inside of the condom only with your favorite safe water-based lubricant.

2019-09-04 04:25:15

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