Eyebrows Are Even More Important for TPE Sex Doll



Needless to say, my TPE sex doll order is still pending production. And found that I was reviewing my order to change the options from time to time. I'm now reassessing my eyebrow options. Initially, I chose (standard) thrushes and then 3D eyebrows, but I'm not sure that's a good choice. Any of you have personal knowledge of 3D eyebrows, do they really look better? Still trying to decide whether to kill the eyebrows. But I'm still not sure if I'll spend the money. Looking for any thoughts or feedback you may have on this. Thank you in general, the most realistic is the best choice for sex doll photography. But it doesn't apply to eyebrows.

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When you're looking at your TPE sex doll at some intimate moment. Realistic eyebrows were more important, and they didn't affect the photo. I will choose 3D thrush. I worry about rubbing my eyebrows over time, and I worry about looking at certain angles in the standard paint way, or about edge lights flattening them by showing a lack of texture. My sex doll is a sin with eyebrows. I don't have any real problems (no repairs), just occasional repairs. Because they are loose hairs, held together by basic hairspray, you occasionally need to place your back in place. It's easy, just wet your index finger and thumb. Then run them along the eyebrows of the sex doll, making them line up again.

2019-09-04 02:14:36

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