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How can I move the doll's thighs?

Alan Ted
Apr 8, 2019 16:33

If you are struggling with the tangled sex doll thigh range, then this will help you. The doll's thighs can be separated to a maximum of 130 degrees on either side, and can be increased to 100 degrees for a single leg split leg. However, we do not recommend opening the doll's thighs too wide, because the action will cause excessive tension on the doll's silicone, causing damage. You can understand the mood you want to get a more exciting experience, but you need to pay attention to the above range of activities while making your dolls more exaggerated. This is very important.

Alan Ted
Aug 01, 2019 16:17

Always make sure you choose the right sex doll and enjoy it for the rest of your life. A bigger chest or heavy ass is the most common requirement for custom doll manufacturers. If you are a woman and want to experience intimate moments with people who have great masculinity, sex dolls can become "one."