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What is a TPE sex doll?

Ben Gray
Apr 3, 2019 16:26

The skin of most of our sex dolls is made of TPE soft silicone. The TPE material is non-toxic, harmless, tasteless and environmentally friendly. It is certified by international organizations, TPE is closest to human skin tissue, and has sufficient elastic properties. TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomer, sometimes called Thermoplastic rubber. It is made of a hybrid polymer, such as plastic and rubber, composed of a material having thermoplastic (plastic) and elastic (rubber) properties. It is a fairly popular material in everyday products because it can be used to make items with similar rubber characteristics, but still makes it more economical with the efficiency of current injection molding techniques. This gives TPE an advantage in general production because of its flexibility, shock absorption and soft texture. TPE sex doll made from this material will be very similar to the human body. TPE is a very useful material with interesting properties. This makes it a great choice for sex dolls.

Alan Ted
Aug 01, 2019 15:19

TPE is more absorbent and can cause problems if tpe dolls are not thoroughly cleaned and disinfected frequently. If possible, you want to make sure you get platinum-silvered silicone. This makes the finished product softer and easier to touch. One big thing you should remember is that silicone is harder than TPE.