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How can my sex doll head move?

Alan Ted
Aug 01, 2019 16:02

Many people who buy sex dolls look for more than they look for sex toys. The first time with your new companion should be special. Light some candles, put on sexy clothes to dress her up, and then do it for one night.

Alan Ted
Apr 8, 2019 15:46

With the development of technology, more and more people use sex doll. A life-size sex doll is a human body model that is similar in height to a real person. The doll can move like a real person. Since the limbs can move flexibly, they can be used for fixed-pose photography. The doll is made of simulated human body silicone. Due to the nature of the silicone product itself, excessive activity or excessive movement angle may cause the silicone to rupture, so please pay attention to use. The following is a limitation of the activity of the silicone doll's head: the doll's head is connected to the body through a metal connector, and can be freely rotated to the right and left. However, since the neck is fixed by the metal skeleton, the front and rear heads and the forward and backward bending should not exceed 45 degrees, and the left and right shaking heads should not exceed 45 degrees. Always pay attention to this detail to keep your doll safe.