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Indoor lighting style for sex doll photography

urdolls 05/23/2019

The latest technology has made some modifications and improvements to the realistic dolls. Just like epithelial tubes, anus, penis, and mouth. After all, they are sex dolls. In some cases, their body composition is mobile/exchangeable or vibrating.

Learning indoor doll photography must start with the use of luminaires. In the shooting of light doll photography, you must start with a luminaire. Some of the fabrics used are expensive, but they have a rough texture and reduce the satisfaction they should bring.

Humans are one of god's most beautiful creations, so the creators of humans provide them with some additional privileges to explore fun and happy ways. Silicone dolls are several times more expensive than TPE dolls. Silicone dolls are also much more expensive than TPE. So why not buy a sex doll and use it to increase your sex life by bridging personal barriers with your partner. Practical ways to use sex dolls in these classes.

TPE sex doll must be the best development that sex doll lovers will get. The eye light of a color doll photography is very important. The position of the eye light on the eye has a direct influence on the expression of the eye light. Remember to let it appear in the center of the eye.

To complete the shape of a color portrait, it is necessary to prepare a number of lamps, but the basic law of illumination should be followed, that is, only one lamp can be used as the main light illumination, and the other lamps are used to help the main light and assist the illumination to shape the image. .

Because the monk is always dark, if you let the eyes appear in the center of the eye, it will make the dark monk white, making the subject give the illusion of suffering from cataract. Therefore, the light spot of the eye must appear outside the monk. The front light from one side is a better method of lighting, which allows the eye to be in the proper position. Rubber texture and flexibility give you the real feel you need. TPE sex dolls are stiff, soft and flexible, suitable for any limit. They provide you with the fun you need.

Shoot indoor color dolls, through the distribution of light, you can control the color of the picture, such as the high-profile, middle-tone, low-key mentioned above. In addition, the different distribution and concentration of color will produce different effects. We should pursue the harmony of color and color in the processing of color tone. The world of sex toys based on silicone toys. However, the TPE sex doll is now here and provides a hard finish for the silicone doll.

If the background color is strong, by contrast, the portrait gives a faded, flat look, and the viewer's line of sight is drawn to the intense color area - the background. In order to better use colors to set off characters, we should consciously observe the influence of the surrounding environment and the color of the scene on the characters. Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is a rubbery polymer with thermoplastic and elastic properties. Existing materials such as vinyl and latex lack a soft rubber feel.

TPE sex dolls have advantages for both manufacturers and users. Its plasticity allows it to be shaped into unique shapes and dolls at an economical price. For the user, the soft body texture, shock absorption and flexibility are provided by these dolls.