Robotic Sex Dolls May Be Your Future Bed Companion

urdolls 06/13/2019

Sexual doll nipple shapes and pubic hair colors can be customized according to customer needs, ranging from $3,000 to $6,000. More and more living robots will help people get out of trouble.

Policymakers and the public should consider these issues, including whether they should be encouraged to treat sex clinics such as sex offenders or people with disabilities. Experts in artificial intelligence and sex doll robotics at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom say it is difficult to predict how far the market will grow and may have an impact on society in the coming years.

In the newsletter, he asked a question, “Is these robot dolls profitable? Will they change social norms and become more and more common?” How does sexual intercourse with robots equate to true interpersonal relationships? ?

The report examines some of the most controversial issues and asks scholars, the public, and sex industry members whether sex robots can help reduce sexual crimes. The study of this issue found significant differences.

Some people think that having sex with a sex doll robot reduces the chances of an attacker trying to harm others, while others believe that allowing the perverted person to satisfy the darkest sexual fantasies in the robot will become a social norm. Have an adverse effect.