Personal information

  • Name:Vera Raman
  • Birthday:May 11
  • Hobbies:Photography
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:Germany

Name: Vera Raman

Name: Vera Raman


Background Information About Vera Raman:

Vera is a perfect beauty from the outside to the inside. Perhaps because of the sister's sake, his words and deeds are always a big sister. Kind, clean, and calm – a person who shines with brilliance. However... especially in the face of intimate objects, occasionally showing a weak side.
“I usually like to wear black transparent lace underwear and show my body to my hero. Oh. Damn. I already feel that you are moving.” Vera said. Others call her a black stunner. Her red lips are always wet. It seems that you are ready to meet your offense. You can imagine it. As you shake, her plump breasts swing. The wide, elastic buttocks rang with your convulsions. From the kitchen to the sofa. Then go to bed. Finally came to the yard. She never seems to feel tired. You can do this anywhere. She is a very realistic TPE sex doll.
The height is 168 cm, the breast is wide, and there is a pair of N cups. The skin is made of TPE material. It is environmentally friendly and does not produce oil. The body will not be deformed. Her bust is 98 cm. Waist 41 cm. The hip circumference is 99 cm. The vagina is 17 cm deep. She can satisfy all your sexual fantasies and please you as much as possible. "I can't wait to show my body for yourself. It's not limited to the appreciation of the screen. My hero," she said.

Her expression will become sharp, active, and victorious. This is what she used to be a village girl who lived with her younger siblings before she became a model. However, even if the words and deeds change, her essence will still not change, still beautiful. In short, the difference is whether to open or close the filter. She will not make any wishes to the Holy Grail that does not belong to the Savior. Therefore, she will certainly assist you in all kinds of actions. As long as you choose the right path.

She is sure to give you one of her best blowjobs. After that, it is time for sex. Oh, damn, you know that you should enjoy them equally, but believe me, you can't wait to enter this new girl. She is too hot, you slowly lose your mind.