Personal information

  • Name:Chasel Edison
  • Birthday:Oct 16
  • Hobbies:Reading
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:France

Name:Chasel Edison

Name:Chasel Edison


Background Information About Chasel Edison:

Chasel is very proud and noble, has a strong self-respect, dare to love and hate. The most loved and most hated is the father, who wants to see him and chooses to be a princess. Not with others.
In life, she often shows a cold and ruthless side. Even the sister who lives with her can be turned down at any time. She likes to call her opponent "Little Stupid". It is especially sensitive to the word "waste" and it is hidden in her heart. The uneasiness and pain in the depths also reflect the simple side of their desire to be loved.
“Can you give me the feeling I need? Maybe many people don’t know that my breast size is directly proportional to my sexual desire,” Chassel said.
She is a mentor. Of course, she teaches a wide variety of content. There is no limit to the number of people receiving education. Even if she is an adult, she will come to the door. When you take her home, you may be interested in the human body structure. When she was wearing a white dress, she bent down and squatted on the table to explain the knowledge to you, and you couldn't control the inner impulse. You picked up her skirt and you were surprised. Found that she did not wear underwear, you began to attack from behind. The deep tremor shook her, and she began to distort her charming body. Her smooth, full breasts trembled, her hands were more stupid, she couldn't catch them. Because it is too big, but the touch is very good. Suddenly, she felt the madness she had never had before; happiness and fear, madness and excitement, this is a rough response to you. For the first time in her life, she met a man who was stronger than her, a person who threatened her and forced her. Her two arms hug your neck, she has begun to tremble under your offense..... What are you waiting for, take her home and let her yield. She is a very realistic TPE sex doll.
Because she thinks she can only be a person without any restraint. The sneer of the couple, in fact, attaches great importance to their lifelong happiness, with a gentle and considerate side.