Personal information

  • Name:Lydia Forster
  • Birthday:Feb 20
  • Hobbies:Ancient book research, Cooking
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:Japan

Name:Lydia Forster

Name:Lydia Forster

Institute principal

Background Information About Lydia Forster:

Lydia's character is very good, all of them speak in honor, and in general they are like Miss Qianjin. Usually like Miss Qianjin, but once I have something that I am interested in or something I can't understand, I will say "I am very curious", the big eyes will sparkle and become the embodiment of curiosity. Therefore, the people around me are involved, but they will not be influenced by the emotions of others, and they will know how to stop. There is a good impression on people who are caring, but the expression of their emotions in life is not clear.
She is a hybrid sex doll with huge breasts. Her father is an American and her mother is a Japanese. Her partner is very brave and welcome, but maybe she is a bit too lonely. No one can really understand her true thoughts. She has the virtues of Japanese women and is influenced by her father. Her understanding of the United States is also very clear.
She was born into a decent family in a major port. Until she was about 16 years old, she did not have trouble, but at that time, life began to change. She became very desirable after she went to college. Together with a great companion, she surpassed expectations in a quirky world. But with her wisdom and talent, nothing can stop her from achieving great success. She will soon become an unstoppable force.
But things may change quickly; she is currently looking for a place that really calls home. She thinks the world is more than we know. Fortunately, she has enough resources to support her. Have you seen her round breasts? Take her home, she will never let you down.
In order to investigate the missing shackles, she dropped out of high school many years ago and joined the Ancient Books Research Institute as the president. It is the core figure that triggers events. I am full of curiosity about unknown things and experiences, so I often say that I am troubled or surprised by others, and I have different feelings for you. The results are among the best in the entire grade, and they are also very good at cooking, revealing their skills in the cultural festival. Very fond of chocolate. Play the queen in the ceremonies. It symbolizes the "fool" in the tarot card.