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Do you buy sex doll with clothes and hair?

Don Webb
Feb 27, 2019 20:23

These items are of course included when you buy sex doll in urdolls. We will equip each doll with a set of clothes and wigs for free. Of course, our customers will buy more beautiful wigs for their dolls. Sexy clothes. Usually wear a bikini or underwear. It all depends on your thoughts. as long as you like it. You can easily buy clothes and dress up your own dolls according to your preferences or for each special occasion. Every day you have your illusions. You can choose according to your preferences and easily buy clothes and dress up your own dolls on special occasions.

Tab Conan
Jul 20, 2019 17:17

There are two types of sex doll buyers. First, who is looking for something that can fill the space of the companion, followed by those who may or may not have a partner but want to achieve the sexual fantasies they have. A bigger chest or heavy ass is the most common requirement for custom doll manufacturers.