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Why didn't my sex doll order pass?

Ben Gray
Mar 14, 2019 20:13

We support multiple sex doll payment methods. When the payment method you try fails, you can try other payment methods. Our customer pays higher success rate is paypal. We also recommend you to pay by this method. If you find any Abnormal activity, most banks and card issuers almost always refuse to trade. Because of the high price transactions, they will consider this a fraudulent transaction. Please call your credit card issuer to let them know that you are authorizing this transaction. Once they know that you confirm this transaction, you should be able to place your order immediately. If you still want to know how other payments can be made, you can contact us by email at service@urdolls.com.

Ben Gray
Jul 27, 2019 10:27

You can contact us to explain the specific situation you are experiencing, and we will definitely answer you quickly. We recommend that you pay with PayPal. Sex dolls are mainly used by men but not completely. You can buy realistic dolls for just a few thousand dollars! According to the "real dolls" (the doll manufacturer's Ferrari), most of them were bought by homosexuals. It is worth seeing the look of the doll.