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Where are the realistic sex dolls on your website produced?

Tab Conan
Jan 24, 2019 20:57

The sex dolls of the urdolls store are all produced in doll factory. We are a professional doll manufacturer and seller. We have several years of design and production experience. We have our own manufacturing plant here. So we can achieve strict quality of dolls. Control. All dolls are made of the finest materials.

Ben Gray
Jan 31, 2019 14:25

Our sex doll production workshop is safe and hygienic. The workshop is equipped with experienced production staff responsible for the production of dolls. The engraving master is responsible for the optimization of the doll's details. We also have quality inspectors to guarantee the quality of the dolls. Our dolls are 100% quality checked and are not sampled. We have been recognized by the industry with a rigorous work attitude.

Don Webb
Jul 19, 2019 15:18

Sex doll range from cheap, explosion dolls made of vinyl to more expensive and realistic silicone sex dolls. The former is usually a discarded toy that can be expired in a puncture or burst in just a few uses. Many of them are "special guests" of bachelor parties and have never used them. Blasting dolls usually have a basic hole that can be used alone or in conjunction with a handheld masturbation device.

Alan Ted
Sep 20, 2019 15:07

With one of our sex toys, you can bring you the happiest moment. When you think about what you want - your doll doll club guarantees everyone's fun. Anyone who invests in it is far more than just a masturbation aid. Made of real and safe silicone. This means that some models look just like they are close to "real things."