Does my sex doll contain chemicals harmful to the human body?

Don Webb
Jan 23, 2019 18:54

The urdolls sex dolls are mainly divided into two types. One is a silicone doll and the other is a TPE doll. TPE and silicone dolls do not contain any harmful, toxic or itchy substances or chemicals. They are very safe and environmentally friendly, TPE The Silicone doll is sterilized and made using ingredients similar to sex toys. However, if you have been allergic to silicone in the past, we do not recommend the use of sex dolls.

Don Webb
Jul 19, 2019 14:38

Sex doll do not contain any harmful substances. Because we use advanced materials to make dolls. Of course, you should pay attention to the hygiene of the dolls on the way. Washing them in time after use will prevent the growth of bacteria and also provide a guarantee for your health.