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Are these dolls in your store really the size of the human body?

Ben Gray
Feb 5, 2019 18:58

Here you can get a guarantee about sex dolls. All the dolls in the urdolls store are made according to the ratio of real people. They are definitely the size of the human body. You won't be surprised by this, you will think that they are a living person. They have a highly realistic private organ with a texture of 99% or higher, similar to a real person, making you feel like these real dolls are like real people.

Tab Conan
Jul 20, 2019 14:02

They are all life-size sex dolls. If you want to order custom dolls based on our sex doll and online customization options. You can get the final price after you choose. If you want to customize the love doll through photos, please contact us for a quote. Generally, you should pay for higher heights, bigger breasts, bigger botty and some special features for dolls.

Alan Ted
Sep 20, 2019 17:15

Like a real woman, there are many ways to live a real sex doll. With her mouth, her hands and breasts, her Vagnia and her anal-dependent taste, all fantasy can be a reality. Do you have questions or want to consult? We help you buy sex dolls and introduce you to the various models in our range.