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Sex dolls make men around the world crazy

urdolls 06/06/2019

For women, you can find similar sex dolls, which are normal and healthy parts of everyday life. A doll is considered a partner by some people, while others regard it as a sex toy. Many people do not even go through adultery, incest and more unethical behaviors.

In the 70s and 80s, hollow big bananas and amputated girls were sex dolls. During this period, there appeared a "palm-type doll" that is still popular today. It is roughly equivalent to a large banana that has been hollowed out, which is easy to carry and hide. It is a great comfort for men.

Whether you're looking for a fairy monster or anything else, these can help you increase your relationship and prevent any party from getting bored. Small dolls will be the most basic version on the market, also known as the "mini doll." If you want to see an unexpected family member shocked by your choice, you want to have some fun, sex dolls are a perfect gift.

In the late 1980s, the one-piece "little partner" finally appeared! They started to approach the simulation, but the body was still hard and scary, and the posture was single. In order to overcome these shortcomings, the combined sister was introduced. Can you feel a little scary when you look at the arms and thighs that have been removed?

Fun sex doll make men around the world crazy. After the 1990s, the performance of the sex dolls was grandly opened, and people began to use the advanced medical non-toxic soft silicone or PVC material to make the "other half." The dolls became more flexible, the battery allowed them to maintain a constant temperature of 37 ° C, and people could finally take a bath with the "girlfriend."

Today's sex dolls are usually real people, like real girls. They can sleep with you, talk about the sky and... the sex doll robot can initially meet your requirements. In addition to the realistic appearance, you can also customize their character, it is too exciting to bring a "wild Wendy" or "Iceberg Farah" home! Also if you are interested in football, if you want, she can discuss Manchester United with you.

On the other hand, the famous adult dealers sent sex dolls into space, and at 102,000 feet, she was torn into sexy pieces. Speaking of adult sex dolls, I have to mention Japan’s “Oriental Industry”.

In 1977, the famous oriental doll manufacturer "Oriental Industry" was established. At that time, the Eastern industry mainly targeted the disabled and the elderly living alone. Even if these people want to spend money to find special services, they often fail to return, or they are considered by the average person to "have physical defects and what kind of sexual needs", so they have to buy sex dolls.

However, the design of the sex doll at that time was quite bad. Except for the volume, the disabled person could not easily take it. Because the inflatable product was touched, it could not be used in various positions. For the disabled, it is also difficult to use a missionary. Oriental industry is here to feel this, although this smiling doll looks ugly with a modern eye, but improved all the above shortcomings. The price of sex dolls at that time was about 10,000 to 20,000 yen, and the doll of Oriental Industries was a super-high 38,000 yen.