How can I hide my sex doll?

Ben Gray
Jan 30, 2019 16:33

Hidden dolls are a question worthy of your consideration. It is also a question we often ask customers. There are some devices on the market that can hide sex dolls for sale. For example, an extended storage sofa or a simple closet. Of course, you can also put her in the doll storage box you ordered. These methods can help you achieve different hidden effects. Specifically, you need to evaluate it according to your actual situation. But what you should pay attention to is. Whether your hidden way will damage the sex doll.

Tab Conan
Jul 20, 2019 13:43

Hidden sex doll are usually a technical job. One of our customers shared with us his method of hiding dolls. He used the attic on the roof as a place for hidden dolls. Of course there are many places to pay attention to. Please read our related article for specific information.