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Can I make up my doll?

Tracy Max
Sep 11, 2019 19:42

Away from harsh criticism, we all agree that sex dolls are the reason for changing the rules of the game, and that most of the population still smiles. This is true, when you know how to use the doll, you will be more likely to explore the various features of the product. Are you the kind of person who likes a certain look? Do you want to try different races? Sex dolls are a reliable way.

Tracy Max
Jan 21, 2019 20:45

The answer is yes, you can use the cosmetics you find in the store, they will like it. Because they also like beautiful themselves. You can dress up as much as you can and become what you think.

Don Webb
Jul 19, 2019 13:58

Everyone has the power to dress up their own sex dolls. Of course, the premise is your own sex doll. Many of our customers have shared their masterpieces with us. What a wonderful! We also look forward to sharing this wonderful moment with us.