Will you provide warranty service for my sex dolls?

Tracy Max
Feb 14, 2019 17:39

The answer is no, we do not provide warranty service for sex dolls. This is the standard practice for sellers in the sex doll industry. Because of hygienic considerations, we will not accept returns and refunds of used sex dolls. I believe that you will not want to buy used dolls from doll sellers. If you buy a second-hand sex doll, we need to remind you to pay special attention to health issues. But we will not provide second-hand dolls to customers. The dolls in the urdolls store are all new and high quality, and the 100cm doll are loved by many customers.

Tab Conan
Jul 20, 2019 14:50

After you purchase, the company you purchased will send it to you. It is usually sent to you in a cautious box, so no one will know what you bought. Now, in most cases, you can't take it out of the box and start having sex with it. In fact, you may need to assemble a doll.