What is the internal structure of your doll?

Tab Conan
Jan 21, 2019 20:45

The interior of all sex dolls in the urdolls store contains a metal skeleton, and the doll can do all the actions that a real person can do (the doll's legs can be placed 180 degrees flat). We use a new generation of stainless steel high-precision biaxial gears with a unique design similar to the human joint skeleton, which can be made like a real person. The shape and skeleton are durable and can withstand 1000 swing tests, which are not easy to wear and loose. We have advanced research technology and perfect process. In the sex doll industry, we are sought after and trusted by many doll lovers. Urdolls has greatly improved the user experience.

Don Webb
Jul 19, 2019 13:51

With the advancement of technology, we also introduced smart sex doll to everyone. Their interior will contain high-tech electronics. Some custom-made, heatable sex dolls also contain heating elements inside.