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Do sex doll wigs need care?

Tab Conan
Apr 10, 2019 16:21

Sex doll have the same wigs as human wigs. To make it last longer, you have to learn how to care for wigs. Wigs require extra care and products to protect. You can purchase these wig care products in the online store. They offer wig shampoos and conditioners as well as wig-shaped sprays. You will also have a comb and brush for your wig. Once the standard is reached, it is often a matter of taste, but perhaps it is best to define the standard. The good thing about wigs is that you can let sex dolls try them, accept suggestions and organize them, and wigs and hair replacement can open up a whole new world of style and image for you. The color and hairstyle of the hair can be easily changed to suit the occasion. Some wigs look undetectable and natural once worn. The best hat is made of lace. Each hair is individually sewn on the hat to achieve a very natural hair and appearance. In addition, the hat is very light, making it worn for a long time.

Don Webb
Aug 5, 2019 18:35

You need a nursing doll wig. Another aspect of the fantasy I want to cover is the appearance of a sex doll. I believe that you love your partner very much and there is no doubt here, but everyone has an ideal body shape and they will drool. Maybe you like that some parts are really big or small, or you may always feel embarrassed about a celebrity.