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Should I rub the baby milk powder with a Japanese sex dolls?

Tab Conan
Nov 22, 2019 11:35

I am never rude to the Japanese sex doll, and my legs will not stretch too far. The only problem is that whenever I insert the insert, I have to pull the vaginal opening too far to insert, but I'm not sure if I pull it too deep to cause this, so I have taken it since I took it. Only about 3 inserts have been inserted since the doll was placed. Also, I have never done anything to the anus, but there are also surface tears. There were also some slight surface tears in the corners of the legs that were bent/touched, so, yes, I only stayed with her for 10 days. Is this normal? Maybe it's because the humidity in my room is very low? Should I rub the baby's milk powder, Nivea cream or Vaseline into the tearing surface of the Japanese sex doll?

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