Do you use Vaseline to treat Japanese sex dolls?

Tab Conan
Nov 22, 2019 11:39

It looks like a scorn rather than a tear. I can see that the Japanese sex doll has no obvious cracks, but the surface looks like it was not powdered or powdered when it was first used. When we talk about pulverizing them, it's not an understatement, but immersing them in something with a six-inch brush to paint the walls with walls. Leave them a little and their skin will be silky smooth. If it's not smooth, they will rub easily. For me, it's like what happened. I thought the Japanese sex doll was powdered? You only use water-based lubricants? Didn't you use soap or any form of detergent on her? Which oil did you use? Are you treated with Vaseline? I don't see the reason for the fear, but to clarify, it's best to contact the supplier to make sure they feel it is OK (always happy to let the supplier get involved from the very beginning, even if any problems are found, even if it turns out No problem, because they are your gateway to the manufacturer). Rest assured that even rough skin can settle on the powder. These are just my thoughts, others may have different suggestions.

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