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I guess it is best to replace all Japanese sex doll wires?

Tab Conan
Nov 22, 2019 11:24

I need to stop my butt and play with the camera, then do another job, my fingers are OK, but last year my thumb line was OK, and stupid I never changed them, I will continue in the next few weeks. Use them here to organize your wrists loose. Then, I will see the environmental protection of the replacement parts after the repair last year. I have seen another Japanese sex doll of the same age. I think it is also WM. If I remember correctly, she is 157cm, her fingers are poked, the copper wire is extended, the end of the finger and the wire are green. of. So please take the green from the wire. People spend a lot of money buying products that contain defects. If you don't grasp the wires, the nightmare will turn green. Guess the Green Giant has eaten a lot of copper for breakfast. I guess it is best to replace all Japanese sex doll wires, but maybe only use standard wires, because you don't need to bend your fingers to need stability.

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