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Has someone made a deceased lover into a sex doll?

Tab Conan
Apr 10, 2019 16:57

A large part of our customers use sex doll as a substitute for the deceased lover. This method is feasible, and the sex dolls bring warmth and companionship to people. A sexual partner is special because she responds to what I am doing, does what I respond to, and has some personal/brain attachment to her. Just lying there without responding, no talking, no sounding sex dolls remedy this all. If you are embarrassed about your lover, feel guilty. You can make the doll a replica of the real person. This way you can feel that she is still by your side. The table is big and your loyalty to her.

Don Webb
Aug 5, 2019 18:39

If you want to get some real feelings in today's world, then you can mix traditional methods with sex dolls and have a lot of fun. First, if you lick your head and make it hard, then masturbation will become more beautiful and enjoyable.