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Can I buy a sex doll without registering on your website?

Tab Conan
Apr 9, 2019 15:36

Do you want to avoid the cumbersome registration steps in the process of buying a doll? Then come to urdolls and experience the feeling of not having to register for a purchase doll. Just fill in your nickname and email when you place your order.

Ben Gray
Apr 3, 2019 16:12

When you buy sex dolls on the urdolls website. It may be a headache because of the tedious registration steps. You will ask if you can buy a TPE sex doll without registering the website. We can tell you with certainty that this method is feasible. You can complete the purchase without registering our website. But there is some necessary information that you still need to fill out. Such as the delivery address, contact information, etc. Please be assured that we will not sell or disclose your information. This information is only to ensure that we can deliver the product safely to your hands.

Alan Ted
Aug 01, 2019 15:31

A custom ordering doll on the website; almost all online stores have order functions. If you would like to change the details of the Asian look, please indicate in the order and receive the full change details, purchase and bring it to your apartment.