Personal information

  • Name:Norton Dickey
  • Birthday:Feb 19
  • Hobbies:Cooking
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United States

Name:Norton Dickey

Name:Norton Dickey

Flight attendant

Background Information About Norton Dickey:

Norton is a very realistic male sex doll. His favorite colors are pink; sapphire blue; sapphire green. The most annoying color is purple, the subject that is like is sports, the subject that is not like is math, the thing that likes to eat is all sweet. The food, the food that you don't like is celery, the animal you like is a squirrel (hedgehog), and the most feared thing is a small lizard.
"This lady, please fasten your seat belt and sit in your seat. The plane is about to take off. You won't tie it? Let me help you," Norton said.
He is a flight attendant on international flights and is responsible for responding to unexpected situations that passengers may encounter. You met him on the first flight. At this time he helped you to wear a seat belt. He is very handsome. The face is very close to your face, you can hear his breath, and you feel your heart beat faster. Then you didn't control yourself and kissed his handsome face. He is also shocked by you. But as can be seen from his eyes, he is also attracted by your beauty. His big cock has hardened. He is willing to serve you, you want to take him home. Feel his big cock and realistic skin. When you have sex with him, you may be very painful, but this feeling is unprecedented. You will love it. Buy him now and let him go to your home. He will be the source of your happiness.