Personal information

  • Name:Vita Roy
  • Birthday:Jul 29
  • Hobbies:Scientific research
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United States

Name:Vita Roy

Name:Vita Roy

Scientific research

Background information about Vita Roy:

Vita is a strong-minded, understanding and cheerful person who likes anything cute, like small animals, flowers and accessories. She is also "stubborn" in her hobbies, both extravagant and somewhat self-conscious about her clothes and shoes, in addition to tending to impose her own fashion sense and preferences on others, but also stubbornly refused to accept negative answers. For example, she insists that someone else use her nickname to call her all in order to make her like people laugh.
She is a smart sex doll. Touch-sensitive voice and voice conversations (currently only available in English). Because her head contains originals such as high-tech smart chips, her mouth is not used as a way to have sex with her.
She was born and raised in a successful family in a developing town. She lost her sister in a volcanic eruption and was launched in a gang. Only she can survive in the cruel world. But with her determination and courage, she managed to stay away from danger and surpass expectations. This made her a scientist today. She is still moving forward and is now studying ways to protect geological disasters. By doing so, she hopes to face the past and eventually find peace she has never had before. When her lips are tightly attached to your waist, the long reptile's tongue wraps around you, stroking your penis as she falls. Her eyes flashed her desire, because her mouth was consumed by inch by inch; her lips took a soft breath, which made her more deeply attracted to you. When your tip passes through the tight passage of her privacy. You can feel the incomparable pleasure, her vagina squeezes your base, and a pleasant voice falls from your mouth. When you reach out and put your hand on her head, marvel at her soft hair texture. When you finally respond to her feelings, she will also smile at your penis. If you customize the voice conversation feature, she can always respond to your feelings.
In front of others, she always maintains an innocent attitude, because her aunt taught her that all women should show weakness and love in front of their lords, often smiling, surrounded by beautiful things.
However, under this ladylike appearance, for her, my brother is a very important person. She usually does her best to make him smile, even though she admits that she occasionally overdoes it. She is still eager to protect him.