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Why are TPE dolls more popular?

Alan Ted
Aug 01, 2019 19:06

Not all models made of TPE are very expensive - some silicone products have an excellent design and an affordable price. Here, it is important to understand the characteristics of the TPE: the body of the doll will be more human, and you will like to touch the soft and elastic shape.

Don Webb
Apr 9, 2019 17:02

TPE sex doll have been accepted and sought after by users. Because TPE dolls offer affordable prices for the masses, they don't cost you too much money. They have realistic skin textures and incredibly realistic facial expressions. They can perform a variety of postures. The main disadvantage of TPE dolls is regular cleaning work. If you are ready to accept, we believe that TPE is a better choice for you. In fact, our words are quite neutral because we carry both TPE dolls and silicone dolls. Come and choose your own sex doll.