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Will you buy a sex doll for your son?

Alan Ted
Apr 17, 2019 16:49

Before you reach a conclusion, you first need to understand some issues. Sex doll are chosen according to personal preferences. Mother knows that her son's sexual preference can be a bit strange; if he has special needs for sex toys, he can take care of himself. How old are your children? Are young teenagers still young adults? Sex toys are made for adults. Don't buy it for your little teen son. If he is already 18 years old, I think if his sexual desire is too strong, it will be fine. Sex toys are suitable for adults. If he is an adult, he can buy one himself. If the sex doll represents a dream girl that your son can't relate to, then there is a reason to buy one for him. But talk to him first, don't let sex dolls affect his normal social life.

Don Webb
Aug 5, 2019 19:31

Men with penile sensitivities or erectile problems benefit from the use of sex toys and the use of vibrators to increase blood flow to specific areas of women. In addition to the happiness they bring to them through these sex dolls, their general health improves the good hormones released during the climax.