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I caught my boyfriend having sex with a sex doll. What should I do?

Tracy Max
May 07, 2019 14:21

Don't panic when you find that your boyfriend is using a TPE sex doll. Before you do anything, you should figure out what happened and why. As a man, my first guess is that your boyfriend loves sex and loves it more than you. There are men everywhere on the Internet, and they lament that their important people are not as frequent as they are. To give you a reference point: When I was in my twenties, my personal preference was to do 4 sexual acts a day. You need to know that your boyfriend has not betrayed you. He just masturbates with sex toys and doesn't have sex. It takes two or more people to make love. Sex dolls are not alone, you can't have sex with a person. This means you need to do more things in the gender department. Why not make a trio with you, your boyfriend and sex dolls. I believe it will increase your sex life. I have a sex doll and me, my wife has done it many times.