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The advantages and disadvantages of using sex dolls?

Tab Conan
Apr 10, 2019 16:21

Our client Fabian shared with us his feelings about using sex doll. He said it was really intense (in terms of the concentration of feelings on my "equipment") compared to actual sexual intercourse. The reason it feels stronger is because there is no transfer or giving, or there is no need to consider the state of your partner at all. So your movements and thrust are 100% centered on you, which makes the feeling more concentrated. But some people think that having sex with a doll is totally different from a woman's love. It seems to have both advantages and disadvantages. Obviously, a real woman is more real; a doll will never kiss you, hug you, or ask to go above (!). But for many men, they will have sex with a woman who looks very, very beautiful. In terms of fantasies, the doll seems to offer dopamine similar to certain illegal substances. From a basic point of view, falling in love with silicone dolls is a unique experience and a very interesting experience. For many people, having sex with a doll is more like enhancing masturbation than real sex. But, hey, if you want to masturbate, you may have the best experience, so let me go. How can you understand the fun of it without trying it yourself?

Don Webb
Aug 5, 2019 18:45

No matter what your description of the ideal human body is, sex dolls can suit your fantasy. Many are centered on common fantasies. In addition to the body that is almost impossible to find in real life, you can also experience a fantasy that is truly impossible.