Thoughts About Living with Sex Dolls

urdolls 06/13/2019

I remember those people who posted their "relationships" with sex dolls and thought they were a bit out of date. Only when I realized how close the simple behavior of the clothes was, combing her hair and washing her, I began to understand what they meant. I clearly remember the day we started calling her "her" instead of "it."

Like humans, doll characters develop over time. Sex doll have undergone changes since I wrote their profile. I should probably update them. It is likely that they will do other things just to the contrary!

Just sitting in a room with her, or letting her go to the living room to watch the "documentary" with us is a brand new experience. We even watched some Olympic Games together. I once chose a location in the living room. When I was sitting in her window wearing Yuko, my wife walked into Yuko's room.
I heard her say, "Oh, hello Yuko. Just then I started to realize her influence on my family. I was told that someone was at home when I was working. It was a bit like a quiet tenant. So far, this It is an interesting journey and I look forward to seeing its direction.

I know that one day her body will wear out, but her character does exist in my mind, so she can "transfer" to another body. She really reflects who I am. I just started to understand. For many of us, the initial “transfer” or “hobby” has become a life-changing experience!

We become dependent on our property (family, cars, video game consoles, etc.) and they don't look like humans. We become very attached to our pets, so that they become "part of the family." More and more people look so human and lifelike. It seems almost strange that someone may not have this.

Some people "marry" their sex dolls. It is unclear whether they are "real" or just as part of a doll story. Many people use our dolls to make "family" shots. Giving them personality is part of the fun of doll hobbies! People with only one doll may let them interact with dolls owned by others, even if humans or their dolls have never seen each other in real life.