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How should I choose a sex doll for my partner?

Alan Ted
Feb 26, 2019 20:23

Picking a sex doll for a partner can be tricky because you need to know. Everyone has different hobbies, and the things they like will be different. But you should know what your partner likes. If you are right, your partner is amazed, don't want to ask what they are interested in, and then think about what they like when you make love or participate in any sex game. When do they like to stimulate the clitoris? Do they like anal penetration? Do they like the penis that is being stroked? Grab a few Tenga eggs. Do they like prostate games? They will like big breasts or flat chests. You should be aware of this. You can recall the details of your stay together.

Tab Conan
Jul 20, 2019 16:56

The price of rubber dolls is low. They were more popular before the silicone dolls took over. The main problem with rubber dolls is that it is porous. It is possible for mold and bacteria to start growing on it. You have to make sure it is always clean and dry.