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What should I pay attention to when storing my sex dolls?

Ben Gray
Sep 10, 2019 19:54

It is possible for mold and bacteria to start growing on it. You have to make sure it is always clean and dry. When you do this, you are more likely to support companies that do everything they can to protect the environment. This is our job! We are always looking for ways to be green. This is a great way to release all your libido in a safe, discreet and incredibly satisfying way.

Tab Conan
Jan 21, 2019 20:37

1. You should keep the doll from touching dark fabrics - if the doll is in contact for a long time, the color of the garment may contaminate the doll's skin.  

2. You should pay attention to not wearing tight clothing for the doll when storing - if you keep the toy during storage, the elastic band and other items may leave permanent marks or dents on the doll, which is a kind of damage to the doll.  

3. Avoid direct sunlight on the doll's skin - the sun may discolor the doll's skin and facial features unevenly, which we don't want to see.  

4. Avoid placing the dolls at extreme temperatures. Over time, hot and cold temperatures can damage your doll's function - these must be extreme temperatures, but you don't have to worry about normal fluctuations, but avoid below freezing and extremes high temperature.  

5. Avoid pushing any weighted material into the doll's skin for a long time. If you do this, it may cause some permanent indentation on the doll. It is important to place the doll on a soft surface.

Don Webb
Feb 13, 2019 18:06

You need to be careful not to store the dolls in erect. It is recommended to keep the dolls in a dry, cool place. And keep the storage environment safe and hygienic. It is also recommended to be placed between the temperature range of 5-35 ° C, taking care to avoid the temperature is too high or too low. Do not place heavy objects on the doll's body. Keep the doll in a flat position. Do not Place it where children can reach it.

Don Webb
Jul 19, 2019 13:45

Mastering the method of storing a reasonable doll will extend the life of your sex doll. I hope the above methods can help you find the best way for you. If you have a more practical approach. You are welcome to share it with us via email. This gives you the right discount when you buy a product in our store.