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Where can I store my sex doll?

Tab Conan
Feb 9, 2019 19:36

There are a lot of places where you can store sex dolls. We have listed the best place for you to store dolls. First of all, the sex doll storage box is the most suitable place. The design of the box completely takes into account the protective measures of the preserved doll. Sex dolls are safer. Cabinets are also a good choice. Of course you can also choose the original box and storage bag to save your sex dolls. These places can make you a good maintenance doll. No matter where you choose to save What you need to be aware of is to make sure that the doll does not come into direct contact with any ink or material that might pass the color to the doll. Also don't expose the doll to the sun for a long time.

Tab Conan
Jul 20, 2019 14:42

If you have a sex doll, chances are that you will use it often. It doesn't matter, but it is an investment. Therefore, each sex doll needs to be taken care of like a pet. This means that for hygienic reasons, you must keep it clean and be sure to keep the dolls in a safe place away from the surrounding elements and contaminants.

Tracy Max
Sep 23, 2019 19:33

Love dolls not only differ in appearance and cup size, but also in other models. A wide variety of sex dolls can be dazzling, especially if this is the first time to buy a sex doll. But it is attractive for a very large group of interested people and is no longer considered a sexual metamorphosis or fetish.