What should I avoid when cleaning my doll?

Ben Gray
Jan 31, 2019 16:36

When you clean your sex dolls, you need to be careful to avoid the following events, which may reduce the life of your sex dolls:

1. Avoid touching the doll with any sharp objects during the cleaning process, and avoid using cutting-edge cleaning tools, as these may puncture your doll's skin.

2. You should not use any cleaner that will react with TPE or silica gel in cleaning the doll's detergent.

3. You need to avoid the water in the head or neck of the doll, not to immerse the parts in the water, otherwise it may damage the metal skeleton inside the doll.

Tab Conan
Jul 20, 2019 13:45

During the cleaning and drying process, do not put too much pressure on the sex doll's skin, which may tear the skin of the doll, which is the result we do not want to see.