Will artificial intelligence dolls create more single women?

urdolls 06/06/2019

Recently, there was a report from the British “Daily Mail” which aroused everyone’s interest. Sex robots developed and designed by sex dolls are coming soon. Please note that this is the world's first personality doll robot.

With these realistic dolls, you will have the opportunity to engage in various gender positions, dirty talk, foreplay, cuddling, kissing and more. TPE: when burned, it emits black smoke like plastic, forming a black oily residue. Don't distract yourself by using sex toys as freebies. Using sex dolls for sex education is also important because they can be used as visual AIDS in sex education classes.

Unlike the smart dolls that have been married to Chinese professors for some time, the former is a robot using artificial intelligence technology, while the latter is an inflatable doll with artificial intelligence. In order to design a more realistic doll, the designer of the sex doll invented a sex robot and a special Scottish accent for the sex robot, which can communicate emotionally with the user.

I don't know if this company has developed this kind of robot, it is inspired by the Western world. However, this is normal. In any case, the most primitive desire of mankind is always to promote social progress. The adult industry continues to explore and apply the latest technology. Therefore, you can see that current VR adult resources may exceed average resources. After the first launch of Google Glass, an adult American filmmaker used Google Glass to shoot adult videos.

In various TV series, the technology of future technology in science fiction movies is often used for pornography. Shortly after the first launch of YouTube, various web sites in the adult network have sprung up, with adult networks accounting for more than half of global Internet traffic. Although there are no merchants to launch robots for adult services before sex dolls, they still produce a lot of smart hardware.

Similar products, people will try and like it anytime, anywhere. Now that this artificial intelligence doll is on the market, it should be very popular among fans. The sex doll artificial intelligence system that scientists are currently developing can add a new level to the relationship between sex dolls and people. Chat is not limited to sexual topics.