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You need to understand the sexual doll dyeing problem

urdolls 05/24/2019

Talking sex dolls make the whole experience more exciting and valuable, because it will allow you to communicate with the doll after making love. For fictional real-life love dolls, their history dates back to the 1700s, when sailors would use artificial fabrics to make love throughout the long journey.

So far, sex dolls are no longer the mystery of people. Almost everyone knows or has heard about it more or less. At the same time, more and more people are starting to buy and use sex dolls. Now, it is not just used to meet the sexual needs of customers. It also provides long-term companionship to clients to solve their loneliness.

The use of silicone love dolls plays a crucial role in helping men maintain the joy and pleasure of sex and take it to the next level. The water burning method is the easiest method to distinguish. Silica gel: white smoke, gray when burned. Stick to your motivation to improve your sex life with your partner and never overemphasize the doll.

The amount of dyed pigment is generally related to the old and new clothes, and the dyeing materials of the clothes. Older clothes, the more the number of cleanings, the less the dyeable material left over, so the older the clothes, the less likely they are to dye.

The lighter the color, the less dyed material that can be dissolved, and the less likely it is to be dyed. The more expensive the clothes, the less easily the dyed material of the cheaper clothes is dissolved by the TPE sex doll, and the less likely it is to be dyed. The time of contact between the doll and the clothes is also directly proportional to the dyeing situation, so the clothing with the danger of dyeing is taken off immediately after the photographing.

What will the future sex doll look like? How far can robotic dolls go? What role do they play in their future lives? These questions can only be left to time to answer, fortunately, the waiting process is not too long.

The pressure between the doll and the contact clothing is also proportional to the staining. For example, the same thin and dark clothing, placed on the doll body, and placed under the doll's buttocks to sit the doll, in the same time, it must be the buttocks pressed there where the dyeing situation is serious. From less acceptance to being more and more popular now, sex dolls step into our lives step by step.