How far are we from the era of intelligent dolls?

urdolls 05/23/2019

While almost all creatures have the opportunity to have sex, humans have more opportunities to enjoy life to the fullest. TPE and other models can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Keep in mind that the introduction of sex toys into a relationship is a sensitive issue and it's important to stay on track. Very small but useful detail on how to touch female nipples easier.

Sex doll technology is at this stage: top dolls can already provide 90% of the real experience. Once we can add emotional components to the TPE sex doll, the industry will break out. In the porn and porn industry, virtual reality and artificial intelligence will have a huge market.

The following five answers are summarized: Do you or someone you know strongly want to provide more or better sex on demand? Can you imagine a robot that feels "sexy"? If so, it is the intrinsic market and the ultimate service provider.

Robots need to have a body and brain similar to humans in some way to use "biohackers" to understand other people's emotions and react appropriately - I believe that you really need to feel the emotions similar to humans in order to work - or we need Create a system that allows the robot to bypass it through some rules.

If we are only modestly successful, we will get mechanically ill patients who do not care about human beings as a species, as suggested by Johan Domeij's answer. The family is currently the main application scenario of intelligent robots; autonomy. The robot needs to automatically execute tasks through the needs of specific scenarios to meet the needs of users.

One of the challenges encountered in building "real" artificial intelligence is the issue of consciousness. I don't think of consciousness as the basic requirement of intelligence (although I believe it is one) because it is considered controversial.

I really want to make consciousness a possible requirement for real, acceptable, and socially appropriate emotions, even though there is no scientific agreement. Multimodality is similar to mobile UI, and a good UI can give our app a better experience.

Brain research has concluded that a large part of our emotional ability is based on imaging that you are experiencing the situation that another person is facing. If I remember correctly, the brain pattern of a person who looks at the pain is also located, but on a smaller scale than on the pain of himself.

I think this is an electric shock, but I can't really remember the details. I think this is repeated in tests based on emotional content... My point is that your own emotional awareness will cause you to assume emotions for others and express emotions for yourself.

Sexual doll robots can express emotions through expressions and body movements, and recognize emotions. Emotions play different roles in the process of growth. Understanding the world is closely related to the feelings of the world. It's not just love and hate, it's soft, happy and annoying.

Rather, both positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement require emotion. This is not just about success and failure, but about success and failure - for example, knowing when to stop. Robots must have a rich motion system.